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A fragrance that will fascinate you.
Sensual and unique.

The top note is characterized by an exotic fruit medley of mandarin, mirabelle and lychee, as well as exquisite osmanthus blossoms.
The heart note compellingly unites the freshness of Egyptian jasmine with heavenly May Rose, yellow freesia, lily of the valley and pink pepper.
For the perfect finishing touch to this exceptional composition, the base note consists of oriental and sensually warm hints of patchouli, vanilla, white musk, sandalwood and amber noir, which combine to lend NOTICED its pleasantly woody, balsamic character.

Unique, seductive, sophisticated

Thanks to its unique composition, NOTICED is seductive and stylish to its core – a fragrance which is destined to linger in the memory. Opulent yet unostentatious; fresh, fruity and flowery – framed and enhanced with exquisite woody nuances.

NOTICED makes a clear statement but leaves room for flights of fancy. A fragrance resembling a masterful work of art and a highly expressive perfume for modern women: elegant and feminine, self-confident, independent, and effortless. In a word: unique.


Rose de Mai

Only the most exquisite and sumptuous ingredients are used in NOTICED – like the May Rose. Thanks to their uniquely pure fragrance, this is the most precious rose in the world. The May Rose forms the heart and soul of NOTICED, adding radiance to the entire creation.


A perfume with character

inspired by an exceptional environment

The heart of the company is located in an enchanting orangery, surrounded by a sea of blossom.
It is these exceptional surroundings that provide the creative inspirations for ABOUT A SCENT.


Susanne Lauven

I always wanted to create a niche fragrance of outstanding quality and purity, using only the most exquisite and sumptuous ingredients.
A perfume which underscores the character of the wearer and floats around her like an aura throughout the day.
An olfactory masterpiece which bears the stamp of timeless elegance and beauty.
A perfume of sheer perfection.

NOTICED was created in cooperation with Dirk Lauven / IFF.


Leonie Scheunemann

A top model from Hamburg, Leonie Scheunemann, is the face of NOTICED.
With her exceptional grace and charisma, Leonie embodies the essence of NOTICED to perfection.

house ambassador


Coming soon

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